Knowledge exists to be imparted.


Kalamanch is an artistically designed auditorium which provides a platform to showcase the talents of students. It is spacious enough to accommodate a large audience for school functions, interhouse activities and workshops. Besides, the quadrangle serves as a sporting arena for shuttle badminton with four well laid courts.

The school is divided into four houses – Sharath, Shishira, Varsha and Vasantha. They are closely monitored by a House Master, House Mistress and House Captains and encouraged to discover and nurture talents. The intramural committee provides a treasure trove of opportunities to students in the form of competitions every Saturday afternoon and the house members make an earnest effort to participate in them and gather maximum points to their houses. The house that excels in all fields is awarded the COCK TROPHY at the end of the year. Academic excellence and excellence in sports are recognized by awarding the ACADEMIC TROPHY & OLYMPUS TROPHY.