Knowledge exists to be imparted.


The library services form an integral part of our vision of quality education. The school has two separate libraries for the junior and senior sections. The library is well stocked with books covering all spheres of subjects. There are books on different languages, science, autobiographies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, fiction, reference books, journals, etc. The school subscribes to many national and international magazines and all major dailies. The students have two compulsory periods for library per week and are encouraged and trained to make effective use of it.

At an age when access to information is sought at the click of a button, reading books has become a thing of the past. It is our endeavor to inculcate reading habits in our students. Pupils should compulsorily read seven books each academic year and review them. They are also encouraged to critically analyze the book in the morning assembly. This practice helps them in vocabulary enrichment and critical appreciation of books.