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Prefectorial System

The prefectorial system is an essential feature of a public school. The Students’ Council comprises dedicated student leaders called prefects who assist in the smooth functioning of the school. The Head Boy and the Head Girl with their active team of house captains and prefects help in maintaining discipline in the school. They play a key role in helping students to cope with the school culture. The system helps in developing leadership qualities in students and prepares them for the challenges of life.

The school is divided into four houses – Sharath, Shishira, Varsha and Vasantha. They are closely monitored by a House Master, House Mistress and House Captains and encouraged to discover and nurture talents. The intramural committee provides a treasure trove of opportunities to students in the form of competitions every Saturday afternoon and the house members make an earnest effort to participate in them and gather maximum points to their houses. The house that excels in all fields is awarded the COCK TROPHY at the end of the year. Academic excellence and excellence in sports are recognized by awarding the ACADEMIC TROPHY & OLYMPUS TROPHY.